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Baby Modelling Agency UK

As a responsible and highly regarded company, we are committed to providing outstanding service to ensure that our clients get the perfect shots and the baby modelling enjoy their experience. If you are interested in your baby becoming a baby model, or they are currently working in the industry and wishing to take on baby modelling jobs, we would like to hear from you via our apply now form

Baby Models UK

Baby models in the UK require a little more paperwork and general organisation than adult modelling. Portfolios and stock photographs must be updated much more regularly to reflect the changing face and body of the baby. It is recommended that parents follow the general rule of updating photographs every six months from baby to walking stages, then every 12 months as young children and 18-24 months as they grow older. Of course, if there are any big changes seen before these time periods, it would be wise to invest in a new set, to ensure the most up to date and correct photos are representing your baby fill in our short application below.

Baby Modelling Agencies

Model agencies represents models of all shapes, sizes and ages. With the natural fast turnover of rapidly growing and changing young kids, we are often looking for new young potential to maintain our books to our high standards.

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